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JØRN UTZON (1918-2008)

Son of the famous danish boat designer Aage Utzon, Jørn became the first architect in the family. Not only has he designed some of the principal architectural works in the world - buildings which have inspired generations of architects. He also fathered an entirely new direction in architecture which tackled the transition to an industrialised building sector - the Sydney Opera House being the most well know example of his principles. Jørn is recognised all over the world as one of the most important architects of all time and he has won just about every award and recognition worth mentioning. This includes the Pritzker Prize - often called architecture’s Nobel Prize and considered the world’s most prestigious architecture award.

JAN UTZON (1944)

Son of Jørn and an accomplished architect on his own, Jan has been working closely with Jørn his whole life and has built countless buildings all over the world. Working primarily in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, Jan is used to working in all kinds of climates and with clients coming from very different cultures. Because of his long and intimate working relationship with Jørn, he has also been charged with the refurbishment of the Sydney Opera House, as an ongoing project. He also travels the world giving lectures on the family’s considerable contribution the architecture.


Son of Jan, Jeppe is a talented and respected architect. Formally educated in Copenhagen and Paris, he initially gained extensive experience working a number of building projects at leading danish architect offices. A decade ago he started his own office focusing on both architecture and design. With a current body of work of more than 60 building projects and just as many design projects in Europe, Asia and South America. His work has been featured in numerous publications and he himself is considered an up and-coming shooting star architect in Denmark winning several awards and recognitions for his work in both Denmark, Australia and the USA.